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At Gurudwara Sahib, we organize various activities and events to engage the kids and
encourage them to participate in the activities being performed at Gurudwara Sahib on
a regular basis.
Some of the activities being performed by the kids are as follows :
Keertan :
    The small kids are encouraged to perform Keertan in front of the whole Sangat on
    various occasions. Click here to watch them perform.
Turbanator :
    The  kids are encouraged to wear turban from the very early age.
    Click here to look at some of the photographs of our turbunators.
Paath :
    At the Gurudwara Sahib, we organize the Paath Classes on a weekly basis where
    the small children learn to recite different Paath.
    Click here to see performance of some of the kids at the Gurudwara Sahib.
Punjabi Classes :
    We also organize weekly Punjabi classes where children of different age groups
    learn reading and writing Gurmukhi. Click here to see them attend the classes.
    Please visit our Khalsa School section for more details.
Music Classes :
    At the Gurudwara Sahib, we also organize the weekly music classes where the
    kids learn how to play musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla and also learn
    how to recite Keertan.
    Click here to see them participate in Music Classes.
Janam Sahibzada
Jujhar  Singh ji 9th
Apr 2011
Baba Fateh Singh
Janam Diwas
11th Dec 2010
Bal Singh Sabha
16th Dec 2011
6th Apr 2012
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